Currently reading Anne Karenina. It’s past midnight and I am staying up post my bedtime to read about infidelity.Quite amusing but also generates a perplexing series of thoughts. How do we explain infidelity? And why is it increasingly affecting so many lives? Have we lost the ability to commit to relationships? Stumped upon by a variety of infidelity cases what exactly does it to take to cheat on your partner? Why do you have the thought that it would be completely okay to substitute your partner for some one else? Is it because you begin to lose interest and hence start seeking options or just for the thrill of it? Those belonging to the second category have very little hope. But losing interest comes up as a real big concern for the fact that what if it happens again? Every relationship goes through a slump because that’s when you know if it’s worth it. But does a difficult phase mean seeking options outside? You look for solutions outside when you can’t find them within. However the truth remains that the solution lies within. Leaving aside spirituality, if one thinks of it logically what solutions you get from outside are based on the one-sided story you tell them. Did you put both sides before them? Or in order to play the victim you conveniently skip it? And secondly how can an outsider decide the fate of the two people involved? It is criminal on the part of the outsider to get themselves involved because even if you don’t want to hear it you are still playing a tad bit role in wrecking the relationship. Infidelity isn’t always about the big “cheating”. You are indulging in infidelity every time you put someone else over your partner. When you don’t share a piece of information they should know or when you don’t clearly state your opinion about something bothering you. For most of those indulging in infidelity I would say always put yourself in your partner’s shoes and imagine how shattering it would be to find that you just got yourself a substitute without even asking for it. And just hope that the trust issues you are passing on doesn’t affect your partner or your Ex-partners future relationships because it takes a lot to trust again. And for all those who believe in second chances I have only one question, if they can do it once won’t they do it again?