There is no other place that exhibits the same number of emotions as that of an Airport. Personally I have this love hate relationship with Airports. They make me weirdly nauseatic. The feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you sit on a roller coaster, the same one. And it’s hard to explain why. Since I stay at a close proximity from the airport, whenever I decide to take a walk around, I am greeted with a new emotion. If you are out there to drop someone off, my sympathies are with you. The tight goodbye hugs and tearful eyes, the promise to stay in touch and looking forward to the next time they visit. It’s the separation junction. The point where you see them going, the point where you wished time could stand still,the point in time when they turned back for the last time and waved out to you.Just plain excruciating pain as if a part of you left with them. It breaks my heart into a million pieces. However hustle bustle around is unperturbed.

But at the same time there is this air of positive changes, the chance to start afresh. The possibility to leave behind all the emotional baggage and hop on to a new adventure. The warmth in the hearts of ageing parents on their way to meet their children. Or maybe the joy of visiting their grandchildren for the first time. Also for those flying for the first time, it’s a cocktail of anxiety and the excitement. The overwhelming feeling when the flight takes off. The mesmerizing view and the thoughts marveling modern science. I keep wondering in spite of so much technology we still can’t help but miss people in our life. Then there is the chaos of the kids on their way to summer vacations. Or families out to holiday.So many emotions.So much to take in. What we carry in our luggage encompasses our memories as well. It’s an overwhelming experience. Any movie in which the protagonist is stopped at the airport and told to not go because she/he will be sorely missed shall instantly make it to my favorites.The air around airports makes me miss all those who at a distance both physically and emotionally. I think it has got something to do with leaving. Leaving is an easier choice at times. But it’s always tough on the ones who are left behind. At least when you are leaving you have something to look forward, to go explore but those who are left behind just have one thing to do- wait until the next time. But all in all it’s a place that’s totally unpredictable when it comes to associating an emotion. And that brings me to my most favorite part of the airports- Arrivals. I feel overjoyed when the stewardess announces that you have reached your destination.How heart warming! And for those who are homeward bound, isn’t the feeling of coming home lovely? Coming back to your own people. Those bear hugs and the glorious smiles and twinkling eyes. Homecoming is magical.