My most favorite line from Oprah Winfrey’s ‘What I know for sure’ is “When you have the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.” The problem lies in how we have chained ourselves in shackles. We have failed to liberate ourselves. We have found ourselves in a rut. Every so often, we avoid the road less traveled. We try to stick to comfort but to liberate ourselves; we have to let go comfort. Adventures lie right outside our comfort zones.

Speaking of a personal experience, I recently went trekking with a group of strangers and I think this is by far the most liberating thing I must have done. Initially I was skeptical since I didn’t want to get into any trouble. But it turned out to be an amazing experience. The company of complete strangers is beyond comprehension. It’s a clean slate and you can be whatever you want to. And it’s not about hiding your identity; it’s about giving yourself a chance to be someone new. Someone better. Each one present had a story to tell. And they were all inspirational. I met a woman on the trip who had been a rebel all through her life. Be it her choice to pursue higher education against strong opposition from her relatives to choosing her life partner without having to explain it to anyone. It was her first ever trekking experience and she was adamant to complete it without giving up. And even when it got tough, she continued.She told us about how lucky she has been to have supportive parents. But what struck me the most was both her innocence and her strength. She was unfettered in her approach. Some people have the ability to teach you so much in so little time. She was definitely amongst those. It got me thinking as to how much we fuss about our individual situations and take the least amount of time to express gratitude. On my way back, I was wondering about why it took me so long to do something different. Why did I contempt so much and keep avoiding. And that is when I realized I was concentrating only on the worst case scenarios and it completely skipped my mind, that I could actually have a life changing experience. I met new people and learned that each one has had a difficult time but they never gave up and today they are in a better place which restored my faith. I am grateful to have had such an adventure and more so because it was liberating in every sense. It taught me to look beyond the meager and focus on the relevant. To take chances while we are still here. The only way to break free from the monotony is to take steps towards it. To truly liberate yourself, you have to first accept what needs to be acknowledged. You need to address the issue right away. Find a permanent solution to it and stick to it. If something is taking up unwarranted space, you have to clean it before it impedes your decisions. Easier said than done, but that’s how you can unshackle your mind. I cannot say I have truly liberated myself, but I am taking baby steps towards it and by far I can say things that you feel you can’t do are exactly the ones you should start with. Take the road less traveled.