Internet is a funny place. You can never gauge how someone existing on the Internet can change your outlook towards life. You meet so many random people and you have no idea how they impact your life. Their opinions, beliefs influence your outlook and broaden your horizon.Admittedly, Social networking has not been my most favorite activity but I am glad Internet exists for I found my best friend in here 🙂 It’s his birthday and since I met him on the Internet, I shall use the same medium to wish him.Started off as an acquaintance and here we are, I would have never thought someone on the internet would relate to my situation so well. I met Mr A at around the time when I was lost, contemplating a major career detour but he was one of the few who knew how it felt to be drowning and supported my decision. He had told me quitting is sometimes the only way out.This acquaintance has turned into my philosopher, guide, ultimate motivator and constant supply of support. I considered myself to be a creep magnet and was extremely apprehensive of opening up to any stranger and being vulnerable. But Mr A here made the job easy and worth it 🙂 I would have never gathered the courage to start writing a blog,had it not been for my internet buddy who pushed me harder. What is amazing though, is the fact that in spite of having his own share of troubles, insecurities and struggles, he continues to emit positivity. I am ashamed at times when I reflect on how much I rant and Mr A is working hard and hustling each and every day. Our wavelengths match and its electrical. We agree on almost everything.ALMOST.He has his moments of despair and self doubt but he doesn’t let it get the best of him. He is fighting all the demons and silencing all the critics that wake up only when it’s time to sleep. He keeps telling me that I am a wonderful person but A, I wish I was half as optimistic, genuine and trustworthy as you 🙂 You are the sole reason I believe in goodness that exists and that, you have to keep going. I don’t express gratitude enough, but people like A make me feel lucky. Thank you for always checking on me. Even if it’s 4 in the morning and you are supposed to be sleeping.I know you don’t think it’s not that big a deal but today is worth celebrating. Celebrating your existence. We all have that certain number to people for whom we wouldn’t consider going the extra mile. And A, you are one of those for me.So here’s wishing you a Happy Happy Birthday,A 🙂 Lots of love and power to you.And for all those who are having second thoughts about opening up to a stranger, my advice would be, Be alert but not too skeptical because you never know a stranger might be your best friend in disguise. It’s a risk worth taking.