With around a month to turn 21, I have finally decided to put to an end to my contemplation and taken to blogging. As I decide on what should be a rather interesting topic to write about, I stumble upon my diary from the past year, I can notice I have been ranting quite a lot.  And that is when it dawned upon me that when we are trapped in things not meant for us we automatically become the kind of people we never thought we would be. The constant struggle to redeem yourself and to keep fighting the inner demons is exhausting. Do you feel that this is a nightmare and everything will be alright in the very next second? Slowly you grasp the reality but what about the haunting that constantly pulls you down. Is it all worth it? What are we all constantly chasing? It’s a vicious circle. I found myself in a similar situation where I could hardly recognize myself  and the choices that I was making simultaneously. Once you are lost, the only person who can direct you is none other than your inner most true self. To me,its a no brainer that only you can solve your problems and no matter how many volunteers come forward, it wouldn’t solve the situation in hand.The battle is yours and yours alone. Secondly, we are all capable to handle our problems because quite frankly we saw them coming. It’s the actions that are coming back as reactions. I don’t believe in regretting. I think it’s the single most despising attribute we can inflict ourselves with. We tend to keep vacillating between What should have been done and what has been done. At least that’s what I have been doing but mind you it proffers zero results. And there again comes the vicious circle. We have to learn to put an end to it.I chose this title because I believe sometime in this lifetime everyone has to make some tough calls. You have to leave from somewhere to reach somewhere. If you can’t relate to the things happening around you in spite of the best efforts put forward, it’s time to leave.It’s time to take the leap and believe in the bigger plan. There is a world which is unfathomable to you and you are here waiting hopelessly for miracles.Not that I am suggesting we should quit the moment things begin to fall apart but everything in this lifetime comes with it’s own shelf life and unfortunately we are not the ones who decide it. It’s all a conspiracy which is for us to unravel.  If we don’t take the chances we will never know. Every crisis is shrouded by life lessons which we chose to ignore quite conveniently. So the next time you stumble upon making a tough choice just choose the one you have most faith in and take the plunge 🙂